11 Best Umbrella Stroller for Travel 2019
30 Dec

11 Best Umbrella Stroller for Travel 2019

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This Evezo stroller is one of the best umbrella stroller for travel on your day-to-day trips. It is super user-friendly and convenient to carry around no matter where you go. As it says in the title, the stroller is very lightweight, weighing only about 16 pounds with a compact size. It is designed to carry children up to 3 years old, with a maximum weight recommendation of 40 pounds.


  • This stroller is designed with the dimensions – 39 inches by 11 inches by 32 inches. It comes with a steel frame of strong build and a comfortable seat with double-layered fabric. The material of the seat fabric is flame-resistant for safety in case of any fire hazards. The seat belt of the stroller is designed with a 5-point harness system that is easy to strap on.
  • The seat of this stroller can be reclined in three different positions according to the comfort of your baby. In addition, the front part of the stroller has a safety bar to protect the baby from collapsing into an object directly.
  • The stroller also comes with a full sized canopy that is adjustable to protect the baby against sun rays. It also has lockable wheels and brakes.
  • The stroller has a few storage options as well. It has a mesh-net bassinet underneath and a pocket on the back for the parent. It has a child tray in case the baby wants to have snack time as well.

Ultimate Reasons to Buy

This stroller is incredibly lightweight despite the high quality materials it is made of. Along with a comfortable seat, the five pointed adjustable straps make sure that the baby is secure in its place. The backrest can be angled flat in case your baby wants to take a nap, slightly declined if the baby wants to sit back and play or upright if the baby prefers to sit straight and look out for the view ahead. The material of the canopy and the safety bar are very essential features that provide proper safety. Besides, there are various storage options where you can keep the baby’s food, bottles, toys etc. or even your own phones, wallets or other essentials.

  • Ultra lightweight.
  • Compact to carry around.
  • Easy to assemble and fold.
  • High quality build, design and materials.
  • Adjustable seatbelts with 5-point straps.
  • Three positioned reclining options.
  • Safety bar on the front.
  • Huge canopy that can be adjusted.
  • Snack tray for baby.
  • Practical storage pockets.
  • Difficult to close at times.
  • Small storage area.
  • Not as smooth a ride.
  • Chemical smell from the fabric.

Ultimate Concerns to Keep Looking

The stroller is quite sturdy, which is why it can be hard to close or fold, especially when it comes to the canopy itself. The wheels of the stroller aren’t as great in quality, which can make for an uncomfortable ride. Users have also had complaints about the fabric of the stroller having a chemical smell. Besides that, the stroller cannot be used as a car seat. So, if that was one of your priorities, you can check this one off of your list.

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