Author: Christopher K

  • Review Add on:27/02/2022
  • Average Rating:

I bought this a my 3 Year Old Great Nephew and it is a Really Great looking push Truck. He is going to love all the buttons and the Music it plays!

Author: Sharon P

  • Review Add on:10/02/2022
  • Average Rating:

Our grandson really likes this car ... he will be two in April and we got it for his birthday.. It was so easy to put together and it's of very good quality.

Author: Jade C

  • Review Add on:04/02/2022
  • Average Rating:

Perfect bling for my granddaughter. She loves it!!!

Author: Jessica W

  • Review Add on:21/01/2022
  • Average Rating:

I am totally in love with this car I got it as a Christmas gift for my God daughter and she loves it. Its great size great quality and very nice for the price!! I totally recommend it

Author: Tim P

  • Review Add on:17/12/2021
  • Average Rating:

Bought for a 1 1/2 year old boy and he absolutely loved it! Perfect size so he could easily propel himself around with his feet on the ground. Looked just like his Uncle’s Evoque. Plays fun music too!

Author: Omar Leon

  • Review Add on:18/11/2021
  • Average Rating:

The Car arrived in perfect condition, I assembled it and all pieces were there. Very happy with this purchase and our 1 year old grandchild will love it.

Author: Patty R.

  • Review Add on:03/08/2021
  • Average Rating:

We got this for my son for his 2nd birthday in October. He loves his car. I was scared it be too small consider he is on the 92 Percentile for his age. Nope he literally loves this car. It turns as well with the Steering wheel which is a plus. We have a lot of ride on cars, but this one is far the best quality of all of them.

Author: Justin Stewart

  • Review Add on:30/04/2021
  • Average Rating:

This little car has more miles on it than my car. Works both inside and outside a wonderful little car.

Author: Anne R

  • Review Add on:26/02/2021
  • Average Rating:

Wonderful car for the grandkids. Well made and perfect size. This toy car looks very much like a Land Rover at a great price and great quality.

Author: Jane G.

  • Review Add on:16/01/2021
  • Average Rating:

Yes I would recommend it, my granddaughter loves this RANGE ROVER and it was a great value

Author: Edgar P

  • Review Add on:21/10/2020
  • Average Rating:

Brought this for my youngest grandson, he was so excited when he unwrapped it and seen what it was. . . . . he picked up the whole box and told his mom he was ready too go . . . . .Lol

Author: Diane P.

  • Review Add on:03/09/2020
  • Average Rating:

It was a gift for my godson and absolutely loves it. Perfect size for and easy for him to ride on himself. Love the color and looks exactly like the picture

Author: DONNIE M.

  • Review Add on:15/06/2019
  • Average Rating:

This range rover push toy is adorable and it is perfect for the nephew that I got at four and he loves it and cruises around the house all day on it

Author: Heather Molina

  • Review Add on:05/03/2019
  • Average Rating:

My daughter loves it- she’s 2 and rides it in the house and outside! So glad we got it for her

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