Author: Joe M.

  • Review Add on:06/05/2021
  • Average Rating:

Excellent stroller. the reclining seat is perfect.

Author: Paul White

  • Review Add on:14/01/2021
  • Average Rating:

It’s perfect for our granddaughter, light weight for us and a perfect ride for her

Author: Kim Johnson

  • Review Add on:29/12/2020
  • Average Rating:

Compact and lightweight. It’s a useful umbrella stroller with a handy bottom storage bin. However, my only issue is folding it back down. It does require a little practice and finesse.

Author: Mike Milller

  • Review Add on:19/10/2018
  • Average Rating:

I love this stroller minus the small basket below. It fully reclines well and great for traveling but you will have to carry diaper bag.

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