Author: Mark F.

  • Review Add on:01/06/2021
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Awesome toy. Easy to order and shipping was simple. My nephew loved the toy and just rode and rode and rode and rode. Also same color as model as my GL350. Very cool

Author: Gaby Maxey

  • Review Add on:07/05/2019
  • Average Rating:

My 14 month granddaughter is the first on her block with a red Mercedes. She is always so excited every morning, it's pretty much 'hi and bye' as she heads for the garage door. No time for diaper change...goes for the horn and lifting the safety handles...waits for the door to roll up....doesn't care whose on the push handle...good times in Arizona..

Author: Steve Thomas

  • Review Add on:20/03/2019
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This car is great. My child loves it. The handle on the push car turns the wheels makes it very easy to turn the car. Thank you guys for making such a cool toy and making our lives easier.

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